CAJE Miami Responds to the Crisis in Israel

Posted on 10/09/2023 @ 06:00 AM

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In the midst of what is transpiring in our homeland of Israel, CAJE’s many departments are working diligently to help our schools and constituencies with resources to help support Israel, find comfort, talk with children and students, and take action.

Resources for Parents and Teachers: How to Talk to Children/Students

Resources for Answering Back on Media, including Social Media

10 Points to Utilize + Quick Responses to What You Might See and Hear in the News or Social Media


Example #7. No ‘yeah-buts’, no ‘what-about’-isms and no excuses justify these horrendous crimes


Whether you are a woman, man, or simply a human being, you must be outraged by the brutal rape and slaughter of innocent civilians. If not, then what values do we have as a society? The premeditated Hamas attacks intentionally targeted innocent Jews in their homes celebrating a Jewish holiday and the weekly sabbath. No matter where you are from, what tribe you belong to or what you believe in, these barbaric acts can never be tolerated, let alone supported.


You might hear: This attack is because of the occupation. Gaza is occupied and under a blockade.


Reality: Gaza is an independent territory governed by Iran-backed Hamas. Israel uprooted all of its settlements from Gaza in 2006 and withdrew all of its civilians and soldiers. Israel left behind greenhouses and other infrastructure, which Palestinian extremists destroyed. Israel and Egypt, both share a border with Gaza, yet Israel was the only country attacked.


You might hear: Gaza is an open-air prison, a concentration camp.


Reality: Hamas has been the independent government of Gaza since 2007 when it violently seized control from the Palestinian Authority. Hamas is free to build schools and improve the lives of Gazans yet it chooses to divert most of its funds to dig tunnels and build rockets. Any Palestinian suffering is caused by the terrorists that impose their will on their citizens.


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CAJE Responds to the Crisis

Day School Department:

  • Sending out resources for parents, teachers, and students of articles and online webinars from various organizations like OhelPrizmah, and the Jewish Education Project, to name a few.
  • Meeting with the Coalition of Miami Admissions Directors (CMAD). Audrey Bensoussan, CAJE’s Associate Director for School Markets, facilitated conversations between Broward, Miami-Dade, and South Palm Beach schools who have made the decision to enroll children from Israeli families moving to Florida temporarily to escape the war. The schools are not sure how long these families plan on staying but feel strongly that as a united community, this is one of the ways they can help. A few of the schools accepting these new Israeli families are doing so despite being at capacity and have made the decision to not charge tuition. 

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Yea, Though I Walk Through the Valley

“Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil. For You are with me…”


As a young girl, I remember hearing these words from Psalm 23:4 with such clarity when my grandfather died a long time ago. And of course, I have said them and heard them many, many times since.


What my colleague, Rabbi Laila Haas, reminded me of the other day was the emphasis on walking THROUGH the valley. We do not dwell there.


All of us are experiencing the many stages of grief and mourning. We are in a valley of darkness and pain, but we will not remain here forever.

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Israel is at war. Please donate to assist victims of terror and their families.

The Greater Miami Jewish Federation has established an Israel Emergency Fund following unprovoked, multi-front attacks on Israel that began on Saturday, October 7.

The Israel Emergency Fund is providing all of the following – and more:

  • Food and essential supplies for affected families, the elderly and the homebound
  • Cash for victims of terror
  • Emergency medical services and healthcare
  • Evacuation, housing and respite
  • Trauma relief and psychological support
  • Assistance for vulnerable populations, such as children, at-risk youth, and people with disabilities, and their caregivers
  • Preparation for medium- and long-term needs 


Federation is in close contact with our overseas partners. For assistance, you may also call 305.576.4000.