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Who Are We?

CAJE-Miami’s Educational Services is a team of experienced educational professionals with expertise in program design and implementation, professional learning, educational innovation, curriculum development and communal service.

How Does CAJE Help Students?

Research demonstrates that student learning is improved by enhancing teachers’ and school administrators’ ability to perform at their highest competency. For this reason, CAJE-Miami provides quality programming and support to Miami’s Jewish schools as well as opportunities for thought leadership, informed by relevant data and research from multiple sources. Working together with teachers and school administrators, we impact the largest number of students in the most effective ways and help enhance the overall student learning experience. We refer to this as “Capacity Building.”

What Does CAJE Do?

CAJE’s Educational Services professionals work with Miami’s synagogues/ congregational schools, Jewish early childhood centers and Jewish day schools. Together with CAJE lay leaders and school leadership, we help facilitate the development of a shared community agenda aimed at supporting quality and capacity-building initiatives for our schools. Through a targeted approach that supports school professionals, CAJE’s initiatives have a broad impact on Miami’s Jewish education system.

Why Partner with CAJE?

We are committed to helping Jewish organizations deliver engaging and enriching educational programs and leveraging the best opportunities nationally for our Miami schools. The services we offer focus on capacity-building so that schools can improve in a variety of ways. This is accomplished by our support of school administrators, educational supervisors, teachers, and students with comprehensive professional development programs in areas of: school technology, mentoring new teachers, day school sustainability, recruitment, experiential education, and much more. We also administer grants on behalf of local and national foundations for our local schools.

CAJE-Miami is recognized nationally for its expertise in professional learning, community- collaborative initiatives, and models of systemic capacity building. Through affiliation with several national organizations and funders, CAJE-Miami has become a model for how a local community can best leverage national partnerships and collaborations. If you would like to learn more about the initiatives CAJE-Miami offers our schools to increase their ability to deliver quality education. To learn more, click here.

Why Support CAJE?

Through your donation, you have the ability to impact and ensure the highest quality of Jewish education, teaching, and leadership in our schools and various programs. To give, click here.

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